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Just a little leftovers….

The beauty of Feltmaking to me has always been that you need so little to get started. No expensive equipment, most of what you need can be repurposed/recycled equipment. Materials can be as basic as you choose, obviously you can choose finer quality fibres with beautiful colours and blends, but to get started you need very little. I had a few leftovers of three colours I had been using, approximately just 4 inches of each wool tops. A palmful of decorative fibres to embellish the surface.

For me there is more to Feltmaking than just producing a finished piece. I enjoy the process, the mindful laying out of fibres to relax. I don’t always feel happy with the final result but I always enjoy the process.

When this little piece is totally dry I will experiment with some machine stitch and just see what evolves…..

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