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And now…. Relax

Planning an exhibition is exciting, planning a group exhibition is even more exciting. Creating all the work is stressful, hanging is stressful, but once all the work is in situ and you can stand back and take it all in , this is rewarding. Seeing diverse work from five different makers all working with wool but in their own individual ways, putting their mark on the wool, transforming the basic materials into works of beauty. Now I can relax.

If you would like to meet and chat to the makers they will all be there on Sunday 26th May 2024. It would be lovely to meet you.

The members exhibiting at this venue use wool in a variety of ways. Mainly with a theme of feltmaking as a starting point. There will be a wide variety of techniques to see including Nuno, Needlefelted, Hollow Sculpted Miniature Felt, Stitched and Embroidered Felt and Needlefelt Sculpture. A variety of wearable and decorative pieces are displayed. All work is available to purchase.

This is a free to visit exhibition, perhaps have a coffee in the lovely cafe whilst you are there.

There is a charge for entry to house and gardens. If you are a member of Historic Houses entry is free. The house is closed on Mondays.

The exhibition is in The Stables Gallery at Burton Constable Hall, East Yorkshire. It opened on May 14th and will be open daily for two months.

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