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About Jenny

Jenny has been Feltmaking for nearly 30 years, but has been making in one form or other since childhood. Jenny studied Art and Design at York College and completed a City & Guilds course.

Jenny's work is constantly changing and evolving through experimentation and development of ideas. Passionate about feltmaking, always endeavouring to create well made felt work that will hopefully stand the test of time. Jenny uses natural wool to create the felt incorporating other natural fibres such as silk in various forms to create light and texture. 


Originally learning traditional felt making methods Jenny went on to discover the possibilities of using resists to create hollow forms. This led to many experiments using multiple resists, creating interesting shape and structure. As time went by the challenge of making smaller became the main focus, endeavouring to create delicate organic  and miniature form. 


Living close to the Coast and Moors of North Yorkshire her inspiration is drawn from the natural surroundings. With particular interest in formations created randomly along the coastline, often including found objects in her work. Daily walks on the beach and in the countryside, photography and chance discoveries spark ideas and experimentation. Found objects play a huge part in the finished work, both as inspiration and becoming part of the feltwork.

Whilst making focuses on Feltmaking Jenny has always explored a variety of both materials & techniques. Throughout life she has experienced learning a wide variety of techniques, mentored by experts in their field. Making is a joy, whatever form that may be. 

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