About Jenny

 I have been making felt since 1996 but have been making in one form or other since childhood.

My work is constantly changing and evolving as I experiment and develop ideas. I am passionate about feltmaking, always endeavouring to create well made felt work that will hopefully stand the test of time.  ​

Living close to the Coast and Moors of North Yorkshire I draw my inspiration from my natural surroundings. I have particular interest in formations created randomly along the coastline, often including found objects in my work. Weekly walks on the beach, photography and chance discoveries spark ideas and experimentation. I also have a love of sea life not found on the Yorkshire coast such as Sea Slugs (Nudibranch), Cuttlefish and Corals.

Whilst my making focuses on Feltmaking I have always explored a variety of both materials & techniques. Throughout my life I have experienced learning a wide variety of techniques, mentored by experts in their field. Making is a joy, whatever form that may be. I use elements of many traditional techniques within my work. Most importantly I make for pleasure and relaxation.