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Spring has Sprung!

Wow, it has been quite sometime since I wrote anything on my blog.

I think with so many social media outlets I did wonder if anyone actually ever read blogs anymore. However my stats are telling me people are reading the blog page, so maybe I should reconsider?

Since Covid arrived I think I have retreated into my shell somewhat, I didn't feel I had anything much to share that would be of interest. Lots of very sad events happened in my personal life, this I think had affected me far more than I realised at the time.

Sometimes though its the smallest of gestures that come out of the blue that actually open your eyes again and make you think that things are actually possible again.

So... I am feeling my creative inner self returning, there are possibilities ahead, I just have to work with it and see what happens. Where do I start with absolutely no work available other than samples? For me my inspiration often arrives when wandering on the beach, those little chance discoveries. Capturing quick images so that once home I can ponder over possibilities. It may be that I see shapes that I can translate or it maybe the simplest of marks in the sand or the rocks. Whatever it is, this is where I start. I gather detritus that the tide has washed in, beautiful in its own right. My images perculate and often develop into something that pairs beautifully with my found objects.

Today I have been viewing my images and gathering some pieces I found last year, from here I will begin choosing wool, sketching ideas and hopefully something will appear.

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